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Justin Julander & Nick Mutton The Complete Carpet Python
Mike Swan & Damien Goodall
Mike Swan Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards
Edited by Mike Swan

Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons

Greg Maxwell THE MORE COMPLETE CHONDRO A comprehensive guide to the care and breeding of the Green Tree Python.


Roger J. Klingenberg D.V.M. 




The Complete Carpet Python


Justin Julander


Nick Mutton

Hard cover, 360 pages.

$80.00 per copy


The Carpet pythons are among the most diverse, vivid and fascinating of all the snakes. The Complete Carpet Python is a long overdue work detailing the natural history, captive care and breeding of this amazing group and their relatives.

The Complete Carpet Python offers readers the most thorough accounting of this fascinating group, covering Morelia spilota, M. imbricata, M. bredli and M. carinata, providing many intimate details of the lives of these enigmatic creatures in the wild and represents the culmination of the most up to date scientific research available. This volume also draws from the authors nearly four decades of combined experience working with carpet pythons, as well as the contributions of other notable herpetologists and herpetoculturists. This work also contains the most extensive photographic record of the carpet python complex, both in the wild and in captivity, available today. Providing an understanding of the wild behaviour of these species gives important insight into their needs in captivity and provides a window into their amazing adaptations which have allowed these animals to flourish throughout their long 25 million year history.

One of the most useful husbandry guides for Australian Reptiles. Full of solid, well laid out information for keepers both experienced and those new to herpetoculture.

An Introduction to
Keeping and Breeding Australian Reptiles
by Mike Swan & Damian Goodall


This book is the third in the series and details the available species of turtles, crocodiles, snakes and lizards that are kept in Australia.
Includes a skill level rating for each species, distribution maps, suggested enclosure sizes, egg incubation times, heating, lighting and cage furnishings and much more.

194 pages, $40.00 per copy.

Keeping and Breeding Australian Lizards
editor Mike Swan

Paper Back, 618 pages, 1016 images. Size A5
$70.00 per copy

"This is the first comprehensive book on the captive husbandry of Australian lizards and it is particularly rewarding that the authors are Australians.
This title will provide herpetoculturists with an excellent reference to keeping and breeding Australian lizards. I'm hopeful it will answer many of the never-ending questions, offer guidance to newcomers and assist in avoiding many of the mistakes made during my developing years."

-- Mike Swan

The authors are among the leading Australian herpetoculturists and include Grant Husband and Matt Bonnett (Monitors), Greg Fyfe (Skinks), John McGrath (Geckos), Kieran Aland (Dragons) and Rob Porter (Flap-footed Lizards).
Photographs are by well known Australian wildlife photographers and include Steve Wilson, Michael Cermak and Damian Goodall. Some images are appearing in print for the first time.
There are also sections on colour patterns and mutations, Diseases and Disorders of Australian Lizards by Dr. Franciscus Scheelings and Breeding Live Insect Food for Australian Lizards by Rob Porter.

Keeping and Breeding Australian Pythons

One of the most comprehensive books ever published on Australian Python Husbandry

Authors include Kieran Aland, Brian Barnett, Meyndert Bornman, Rob Browne-Cooper, Greg Fyfe, Glen Gaikhorst, Russel Grant, Chris Hay, Geoff Heard, Adrian Hemens, Peter Krauss, Dr. David Pearson, Dr.Franciscus Scheelings, Neil Sonnemann, Brad Walker and John Weigel
PB 350 pages. For the first time a book covering all Australian python species written by leading Australian breeders.
Covers housing, sexing, breeding, egg incubation and raising young snakes.
Contains graphs, charts and many coloured photographs.
Sections on diseases and disorders and colour and pattern mutations of Australian pythons
Also includes information on natural habitats and behaviours.
$50 per copy

"The More Complete Chondro"

One of the most comprehensive python husbandry books available.

The More Complete Chondro, by well-known chondro keeper and breeder Greg Maxwell, is an expanded edition of the original care and breeding manual that quickly became a herpetological bestseller after its release in 2003. This new hard cover book with dust jacket is over 300 pages in length, with 260 full color photographs illustrating both the naturally occurring geographic races as well as all the major designer morphs. Each chapter has been reviewed, revised, and updated. Over seventy pages of additional information and ninety additional color photographs make this new edition much more than a simple is in truth a new book. Major updates to the natural history and locality chapters, time frames for follicle development and ovulation in breeding females,how-to photos for probing chondros, and updates to all the major high-end color morph projects make this book a must-have for all chondro keepers, breeders, and lovers.

Beginners will find the information contained in this book to be thorough, clear and balanced, and seasoned keepers and breeders will also benefit from the tips and observations of one of America's most knowledgeable GTP enthusiasts

Just $75.00 per copy from the Herp Shop


T.F.H Publication. First released 2000. Soft cover, 25cm x 16.5cm, 64 pages, colour photos.
Carpet Pythons - Green Tree Pythons - Black-headed Pythons - Diamond Pythons - Children's Pythons - Spotted Pythons. These are the cream of the crop when it comes to the desirable pythons, and all are Australian animals. This volume introduces the hobbyist to these fascinating snakes and provides all the information needed to care for them successfully and also breed them. Written by a resident Australian naturalist, The Guide to Owning an Australian Python is sure to please any hobbyist who wants to add one of Australia's unique species to the collection. Contents include: Introduction, Pythons of Australia: A Biological Overview, Housing Your Pythons, Creating the Right Environment, General Management and Feeding, Medical Problems and Breeding Australian Pythons. An excellent book for the beginner and a refreshing read for the more advanced keeper. $22.00 per copy

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