Volume 1.
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The first reptile "book" in Australia to be exclusively produced on CD-Rom. Featuring the amazing, high-impact, wide-angle photography of Rob Valentic, the bulk of these photographs are to be viewed for the first time.

Do you ever get sick and tired of buying a new Herp book only to view repetitive photos of the same specimens, reprinted over and over again? Lets face it, most of us herps buy a new herp book for the photography. If you require specific information on a species, the best method is to locate an article that has pertinent information on that particular species.

Our photographic CD-Roms feature the most spectacular photography of Australian Reptiles and Frogs ever seen. The unique reptile/habitat system provides the viewer with a clear picture of unsurpassed detail and clarity. The zoom feature allows the viewer to magnify the small and less conspicuous features of the species involved due to incredibly high resolution of the illustrations. Indeed this detail must be seen first hand, to be believed. For example, the counting and examination of scalation on even the smallest specimen is made effortless for both taxonomists and interested layman alike.

The marriage of both specimen and habitat provides the viewer with a unique perspective of the immediate habitat of the specimen portrayed, creating the exciting atmosphere of virtually being there yourself. The accompanying text serves to provide the viewer with highly accurate data pertaining to each species and their particular habitat.

Wild Image is currently producing a series of  Article-based, lavishly illustrated CD-Roms. Have you ever purchased a Herp magazine in order to obtain just one article on a particular species of interest? Have you ever wondered what you are paying for, as you wade through 100 pages of advertising? Wild Image solves this problem with Article CD-Roms. Prior to the publication of each edition, a full listing of articles contained therein will be announced on-line. Wild Image will endeavour to provide the broadest range of topics in combination with superb, high resolution photographs. In addition to no advertising space, each CD-Rom will contain over seventy full colour quality photographs. We anticipate that CD-Rom publications will eventually supersede many of the current Herp magazines.

This is an offer too good to refuse. Imagine all of  the information and photographs of Australian  Herp you could ever want, neatly compiled on CD-Rom. Unlike magazines which deteriorate over time, your CD-Rom will never deteriorate, get torn, fade etc. If properly cared for, your Wild Image CD-Rom will be around forever. These CD-Roms are professionally "pressed" from a glass "Master", ensuring each CD-Rom is of the highest quality. Don't miss out. The Wild Image CD-Rom series is a must for anyone with an interest in Australian Herpetology.


Click this line to see some sample images.